Classes & Tours
 In the ancient time the blacksmith was himself the producer of the raw materials of nature, this is the "wrought iron" small quantities that there is very reliable. Wrought iron is very pure, soft, flexible, high-quality and very comfortable to forge, it can shaped over time without fear to crack it. The blacksmith was the one to find the mineral as a rock in the nature and by slow burning finally remains only the iron, the blacksmith was molding it and creates for himself the raw material to work with. The blacksmith was producing dishes, tools , weapons, stock darts, Nails and many more things for the people used to survive.
Also on the visit you will  watch the forging iron process by the blacksmith,
I'd be happy to host you in advance.

 Throughout history, the profession of "blacksmithing" has evolved and founded the development of additional professions, and this process was carried out thanks to the knowledge passed between various practitioners for entire generations, the knowledge is expressed by materials they have created using different styles of work that they have developed in every work. Workshops are held in my Blacksmithing studio and are designed for children 16 years and older. In this workshop you can familiarize yourself and learn the wonders of blacksmithing in your own hands, and let your creativity blossom. In the workshop basic skills are taught such as processing the iron in head, as well as the various elements and tools of blacksmithing. The workshop is a fun professional experience and gives the opportunity to work your hands in a special and fascinating way .My workshop is held in my studio that is located in Yokneam Moshava .There is no need for previous knowledge or experience.