Design and Materials
Nature is Noam's main source of inspiration. His designs are influenced by natural shapes and patterns, and he combines the iron with natural materials such as wood, stone and glass. Thus achieving a rich natural harmony.
Another source of inspiration are the simple and unique shapes of the classic blacksmithing world.
Innovation is an important part of the design. Noam emphasizes innovation - new ideas and unique designs to enrich the selection of products offered.
The design process begins with an original idea, which is then visualized as sketches and drafts, which are then refined until a final design is reached.
The final design is then created as a final draft on a life size scale.
This final draft indicates the amount of work and materials needed.

Work Process
Most of the work process is based on traditional methods of forging iron - heating and strengthening the iron with blacksmithing tools, while using techniques such as piercing, stretching, nailing, cutting and bending.
In order to acheive certain blacksmithing tasks, specialized tools are needed. These tools are designed and made by the blacksmith according to his needs.
The secret is to create and develop tools which achieve the essence of blacksmithing: creating the maximum effect with the minimum effort.

<p>Dog Knocker</p>

Dog Knocker

Noam Demonstrates