My name is, Noam Engel, I was born to an agricultural family in Yokneam Moshava, in northern Israel. In 1997, I participated in a blacksmithing course directed by Uri Hofi in Kibbutz Ein Shemer, which was my first introduction to the world of metal work and the blacksmithing profession. In 1998 I met Chris Gavin, a blacksmith artist from Baltimore, Maryland, USA.I worked with Chris for a year, gaining knowledge and insight, learning to develop new ideas, designs and work styles. I also attended conferences, viewed demonstrations and learned various metal work techniques. In 1999, I started working as an apprentice in Kibbuz Ein Shemer, furthering my knowledge and experience in the blacksmithing work process, as well as building tools and creating products. Parallel to my apprenticeship, I began building up my own shop in Yokneam Moshava. Helping me along the way was Shlomo Arel, who played an important role in building up the Smithy, and he continues to work with me these days. In my shop I create original handmade metalwork, designed to client's specific requirements. The iron forging is done in the traditional method - heating and strengthening the iron using traditional authentic blacksmithing tools. The various tools are made by me according to the demands of each project. In my workshop I produce special working tools for processing of iron, stones and woods, including hammers, axes, tongs, scalpels and knives. These tools are made of different steel relative to the tool application. The tools are created by forging and undergo a thermal process so as to fit them to the required use. All the tools are handmade, and they are personally accustomed by individual request.